Thursday, January 15, 2009

Recent Press

We had a bit of good press in December and early January that I thought I should point out. Tigers Can Bite You are currently the featured band at Online Rock. The trio also had two songs on Music Under Fire's Top 100 Songs of the Year - "Opener" placed at #75, while "Second Nature" came in at #47. Lastly, the Pop Stereo had some kind words for Steve Ward Hears Voices:
Their new album, Steve Ward Hears Voices is the realization of the unique sound the band has been building towards since its inception. Imagine Ben Gibbard being noisy and roughed up a bit while listening to Swervdriver and you can start to picture what Tigers Can Bite You sort of sound like.
Shiloe's ...And Now the Screaming Starts continues its buzz building momentum with reviews at Local Vertical and The Devil Has the Best Tuna. The EP was also reviewed in the December issue of Performer Magazine, which you can read online here.

The Passionistas were also featured in last Thursday's San Francisco Chronicle.

And I just can't remember if I let you know about the New and Used feature in last month's Mung Being that was written by yours truly. You can read that here.

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