Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rademacher Release RIP Gardenside

Rademacher - the trio whom Fresno, San Francisco and LA all claim as locals - have done us all a favor by collecting their four EPs onto one CD, RIP Gardenside. Named after the Fresno studio where the songs were recorded, the CD collects 18 songs from Rademacher (2004), Ice Age (2005), Heart Machine (2006) and Era (2008).

Over the course of these 18 songs, one can hear the progression of the band, both in terms of musicianship and songwriting. A personal favorite of mine is "What the Neighbors Don't Know" from 2004's self-titled EP. There's a raw energy to the track, and exciting to listen to now as you hear the musicians still figuring out how to be a great rock band. Four years and countless shows later, they sound like pros on Era's, "If You Know," a Dylanesque folk number that shows frontman Malcolm Sosa genuinely coming into his own as a songwriter.

RIP Gardenside is available at the band's website and also at their shows, which include...

02/06 Hemlock Tavern - San Francisco
02/27 Slim's (Noise Pop w/ the Submarines) - San Francisco
03/15 Space 15 Twenty - Hollywood
MP3 - "What Happened To Yr Friends" - Rademacher

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