Monday, January 19, 2009

Indie 103.1 Updates

Web in Front has reposted a message that appeared on Indie 103.1's MySpace this past weekend:
the decision came from higher authorities and it was not for the reason that has been stated in the prerecorded message that had been repeating on 103.1 or the message that was on the front page of It’s insulting to you and the staff of Indie 103.1 for the owners to say that we decided to pull the station off the air because we didn’t want to play the corporate radio game.... The entire staff of Indie 103.1 was fired Thurs day morning immediately after the farewell sign- off.
Indie 103.1 is reporting that a number of DJs will return for the online stream.

Notably absent from that list is former music director Mark Sovel who recently gave the scoop to The Daily Swarm.

Classical Geek Theatre has done a great job of collecting all Indie 103.1 updates, while also musing on what the station meant to LA.

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