Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Various Favorite Musical Things From 2008

My favorite albums list is not going to drop until January 1. In the meantime, he is a round-up of various favorite musical categories.

Favorite Music Video: "Flashing Lights," Kanye West
(directed by Kanye West and Spike Jonze)

Favorite Local Release: Innocent Ghosts, Geographer

Favorite Local Live Act: Silian Rail

Favorite Label: Sub Pop
Sub Pop are like the New York Yankees of indie rock - they just keep signing premium talent. Three of my top ten favorite songs this year came from Sub Pop acts, not to mention the sheer number of other releases which impacted the music world. Oh, yeah, and they just added another one of my local favorites, Vetiver.

Favorite Live Show: Tom McRae at Hotel Utah.

Favorite Music-Related Reality TV Moment: Diddy fires two members of Dannity Kane on the Making the Band finale.

Favorite Mixtape: Viva La Hova, Mick Boogie and Terry Urban.
(Download it here)

Favorite Internet Radio: Bagel Radio
Thanks to Bagel Radio, I discovered Why? and the Confusions - two of my favorite musical discoveries of the year.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I solemnly swear to start on my best of lists this week.

Why is N&U Records not on this list, I wonder?