Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kid Mud's Favorite Albums of 2008

Our Best of 2008 continues with Sean Duncan of Kid Mud on his favorite albums and songs from the year...

So for myself I find 2008 was a hard year to find crazy albums that i totally love. When it comes to Top Albums I have to like the album as a whole or i cant consider it in the top for that year. Most the time i can find 10 albums that i can listen through from start to Finish but this year i could only find 6. Here they are in the order of how much my scalp tingled when i first listened to them.

6. You Have No Idea What you are Getting into, Does it Offend you Yeah
(Favorite Tracks: "We are Rockstars," "With a heavy Heart")

5. Third, Portishead
(Favorite Tracks: "The Rip," "Hunter")

4. Nightdrive with You, Anoraak
(Favorite Tracks: "Nightdrive with You," "Sunday Night Fever")

3. Sexuality, Sebastien Tellier
(Favorite Tracks: "Roche," "Divine")

2. Made in the Dark, Hot Chip
(Favorite Tracks: "Made in the Dark," "In the Privacy of our Love")

1. Lambs Anger, Mr. Oizo
(Favorite Tracks: "Cut Dick," "Jo," "Positif," "Gay Dentists")


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Intriguing list. I am so with you on Third. It's in my top 5.

Allison said...

I loved Nightdrive with You by Anoraak!

Good listing. :)