Monday, November 3, 2008

Kid Mud on Sports:
The Best Season of the Year

So basketball season has started and i turned into a little boy again last tuesday for opening night.  The Sacramento Kings are looking just like last years kings starting off with 0 wins and 3 losses.  I will still watch every single game no matter how bad they are since they have been my team since i was young.  The Warriors, despite KRON 4 news saying it's going to be a long season after losing their first two games look good.  They are now the youngest team beating Portland by an average of i think two months.  I also got the NBA League pass through comcast since Kings games aren't on tv here which was a pretty penny but got it half off since they lied to me and told me i would get some games in HD but when i called back they told me they dont have any HD games so i rasied my voice a little, used some terrible analogies,  and got 85 bucks off.  So come watch some games with me.  GO VOTE TOMORROW!!!!!

Game to watch this week 11/16  Kings vs. Warriors 6:00pm

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