Friday, October 17, 2008

What I Missed on Making the Band

Sadly, I am about 5 or 6 episodes behind on one of my favorite shows - the P. Diddy vehicle, Making the Band. Since Diddy took over the Making the Band franchise, he has made some great television. Diddy has succeeded by discussing the show as just what it is - a brand. Most recently, he has used the show to create two groups and one solo artist, all of whom he sent on tour together earlier this year. But what Diddy understands so well is the importance of reality television. While the show purports to document a "real" situation, Diddy is able to "manufacture" drama that makes for compelling television. Simply put, he understands the show is more important than the music.

On this week's season finale, Diddy even kicked two members out of girl group Danity Kane, in a move that I have to think was planned from some time back. Even a reality show needs a cliffhanger of some kind, and what better way to set up a new season than to leave a void that needs to be filled. Most interesting is the fact that Diddy blames Aubrey O'day's handling of her own image for the negative impact it had on a group. I have to believe that any member of a girl group created on a reality show has ZERO control of their image. Essentially, Diddy as producer and the show's editors (really acting as writers) succeeded in creating this negative image for Aubrey which helped structure the narrative of the show.

Essentially, I wouldn't expect Making the Band to teach me a lot I can apply to my own music business - but it sure is entertaining to watch.


Allison said...

I remember watching the first season of Making the Band when P. Diddy took over, and enjoying it. He does know exactly how to sell a brand, and I guess that's why he's his own superstar.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

He's a little like the male Madonna in that way. As Allison said, he knows how to sell. In fact, I am pretty certain that in both their cases, that eclipses the music.