Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Anticipation For Kanye's New Record Builds

When Kanye West releases an album, it is an event in my world. The release of a Kanye West album is something I anticipate for weeks, sometimes months. I did not even know I would be getting a new one this year, until last month, Mr. West revealed details of 808s and Heartbreak. I've only heard single "Love Lockdown," but this is said to be a dramatic departure. This week, he premiered the album at a weird LA party. Passion of the Weiss was there and shared a number of thoughts on it. Today, West leaked an unmastered version of "Heartless." I can't wait for this album.

On the subject of things Kanye-related, I heard a Common track on WOXY yesterday right after a new Of Montreal track and the Common track totally sounded like an Of Montreal track. I am not much of a Common guy, but this track was crazy experimental. Now if that Fonzworth Bentley album would just come out, I would be totally set.


Kid Mud said...

Now im looking forward to the kanye album also. I was just saying today how i can't think of to many albums i really liked this year. I am already freaking out about Mr.Oizo's Lambs Anger that comes out next month. The minute 25 seconds preview of one track from it BLOWS MY MIND!!!!!!

Allison said...

I must admit, I haven't really been following Kanye as of late, but I always enjoy his music. I will check back here to see your review...assuming there will be one. ;)

Its funny, there are been many albums this year that I have enjoyed, but not as many stand-outs as late year. I think I'm still hung up on Neon Bible.