Monday, October 13, 2008


As expected, this has been a busy time for New and Used Records. Tomorrow, we release the third of our four releases for this year, and we still have two more CD release parties to go. The days have been filled with email sending, blog posting, envelope stuffing and blog responding. It is always fun though to receive a "Google Alert" informing me that someone is writing about one of our bands.

Today, I made a trip to the record store which I have not done for some time. The only downside (and I think it is the only one) to living in Oakland is not living near a record store. Also, the recent financial crisis and trying to put out four records in four weeks has not left with me the kind of income one uses to spend senselessly on records. I picked up Margot and the Nuclear So and So's Not Animal and it was only $9.99.

I recently did a little interview about my "business" and it made me realize some things. One, my days are kind of crazy. Two, while I often think of my work/music double life as a bit of a burden, I actually can't think of anyone in the indie music business that I know who does not have some kind of other job to supplement their income. Then I did not feel quite so bad.

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Penny Distribution said...

amen bro! keep fighting the good fight - but watch out for the burnout! give yourself R&R when you can.