Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lawrence Lessig Editorial +
Cassettes Won't Listen Mash-Up Project

This past weekend, the Wall Street Journal posted an editorial from Stanford Law professor Lawrence Lessig, adapted from his forthcoming book, Remix. The editorial - like much of Lessig's work - argues for drastic changes in copyright law. Copyright law as it stands, Lessig has argued, hinges on artistic creativity. In the editorial, and in his book, Lessig outlines ways copyright law can restated and rewritten to better suit present day media. Lessig did take some offense to the fact that the Journal published the adaptation under the title, "In Defense of Piracy." He stated on his blog:
Sorry to disappoint, but my new book, Remix, is not "A Defense of Piracy," whatever the Wall Street Journal's headline writers may think.
Lessig did use both Girl Talk and The Grey Album as forms of creative expression that copyright law should not inhibit. Following in a similar vein is the new project from Cassettes Won't Listen entitled Ludacris Democracy. Ludacris Democracy mashes up the new Ludacris album with leaked tracks from the long-awaited Guns 'n Roses epic, Chinese Democracy and you can download it here.

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