Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kid Mud on Sports:
ALCS Game 2

So last night's extra inning game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox was Very Intense to the end with Upton's short sac fly to bring home the winning run for the rays.  With Seven home runs between both teams tying the postseason record and pretty much seeing every pitcher from each teams dugout it was no Sleeper.  But with all that excitement I think there is one stat that really caught my eye.  Terry Francona (the manager for the Red Sox)  Started the game with a bucket of Double Bubble that had 72 pieces in it.  By the top of the Eight Inning He had all ready devoured every piece.  That is eight pieces each inning on average.  I can totally understand because double bubble gets hard and loses it's already shitty flavor in like 2 seconds but why double bubble.  It's not like its good.  You think the Red Sox could afford a little more upper class gum such as Tidal Wave or Freshen-Up.

My Fantasy Football Scores So far
Me: 68.00
Zach: 33.00

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