Monday, March 2, 2009

Video: Fulton Lights -
"Sideways Glances and Coded Speech"

Fulton Lights is New York-based recording artist Andrew Spencer Goldman. Ninian Doff is a London-based artist, and director of this video. The two have, in fact, never met, but were able to create this video - which stars Goldman. "Through the magic of the internet machine and technology we overcame that slight geographical hitch," Doff says. During my recent interview with Goldman, I asked him about the video and if he was a fan of collaboration. He said...
Sure, I'm a fan, though I don't claim to always be the most collaborative. I suppose it depends on what's being collaborated on? It worked well with Ninian, his video is really fun and weird. I liked the little abbreviated video he did for a Justice tune for the Said the Gramophone video contest, and I wrote to him and told him so. It went from there.
Fulton Lights' The Way We Ride is available digitally from Catbird Records as a pay-what-you-want download. Fulton Lights play Bordello in LA on 3/4 with Tigers Can Bite You and So Many Wizards.

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