Friday, October 10, 2008

6 Reasons to Attend Shiloe's CD Release

I can think of plenty of good reasons to attend Shiloe's CD Release Party this Sunday at Spaceland in Los Angeles. The band gives 6 good reasons on their MySpace blog:

1. To get an advance copy of our brand new EP, ...And Now the Screaming Starts, out October 14th on New & Used Records!

2. To watch us perform in costume as characters from Back to the Future at 11 PM.
3. To check out Melissa's second-ever performance with L.A.'s best girl band, Kissing Cousins...who will also be performing in costume! 9 PM.

4. To enjoy an awesome set from the Pacific and the long-awaited debut of Love's Like Smoke.

5. To GET YER ROCKS OFF with DJ Christopher Roman!

6. To have lots of money for the bar, since all of this rockin' Halloween mayhem is totally FREE!

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