Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Edition #9

Donald Trump endorsed John McCain - I am sure this is really going to swing the election.
I have this theory that Sarah Palin is like the "Macarena." Sure, she's hot right now, but in a few months no one will admit to having liked her.
This weekend marks the five year anniversary for Hillary and I.
I have returned to doing those media analysis/pop culture critique blog posts that I like so much. I am doing those over at David Lynch Obsessives.
Here is another video where Diddy shows his, um, swagger...

Bay Area Shows:
9/19 Her Space Holiday @ FiveTen Studio
9/19 Bart Davenport (CD Release) @ Cafe du Nord
More shows at The Bay Bridged

LA Shows:
9/19 The Wedding Present, Earlimart @ The Troubadour
9/20 Lobster Festival w/ The Henry Clay People, more @ The Port of Los Angeles
9/21 Lobster Festival w/ The Monoloators, more @ The Port of Los Angeles
9/21 Man/Miracle @ Mr. T's Bowl
More shows at Radio Free Silverlake


Allison said...

Happy anniversary to you both!

Your comment about Sarah Palin couldn't be more on the money. I am feeling the need to watch the SNL skit again.

I like the multi topic posts, as well.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Five years? Happy anniversary! You guys are so cute together,