Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend Edition #8

Sarah Palin is making me want to tear me hair out. I see I am not the only one who feels this way. Still, I can't stop myself from reading everything about this election that I can get my hands on. I would say that, as an individual, I am politically engaged if not politically active. Something about election time just really turns it up a notch for me. A lot of the best coverage I am seeing right now on the internet is coming from Notes From a Different Kitchen - I suggest you check them out.
I have been drinking a lot of chai tea lately, and that coupled with cold weather, makes me feel like its almost Christmas. I realize Christmas is still a few months away, but I do have some presents from some of my favorite artists to look forward to in the coming months:
  • The Streets have a new record - Everything Is Borrowed - coming out on Tuesday. You can stream seven songs from it at MySpace.
  • Steven Soderbergh has an epic Che Guevera biopic that is making the festival rounds. No word on an actual release date, but early reviews are strong.
  • It seems like everyone is talking about "Love Lockdown," the new song Kanye West premiered Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards. Now comes the news the Kanye will be dropping a new album December 16, possibly entitled, 808's and Heartbreak.
  • ***
    Where will I be this weekend? In the N&UR office, preparing our press campaign.
    On Saturday, SF hosts a launch party at 744 Alabama in San Francisco. The goal of SF is to provide resources for and promoting the sharing of information amongst local bands.
    Our quote of the week comes courtesy of Catbirdseat...
    I don’t mean to be pessimistic, people, but trying to convince the majors that they need to change their thinking is like trying to convince your die-hard Republican uncle to ditch his beliefs and embrace Obama. That is to say: have fun banging your head against the wall.
    Bay Area Shows:
    9/12 Alejandro Escovedo @ Bimbo's
    More shows at The Bay Bridged

    LA Shows:
    9/12 Jenny Lewis @ The Echo
    More shows at Radio Free Silverlake

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    Allison said...

    I honestly cannot stand the US election coverage. It is doing my head in. I'm trying to follow the Canadian election and even many of our station are Palin this, Palin that which is frustrating.