Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekend Edition #7

On Saturday, our very own Tigers Can Bite You play a fantastic bill at Spaceland that also includes Twilight Sleep, The Shimmies, and The Delta Mirror. If you can make it, you really should.
MP3 - "Don't Fire Your Guns" - Twilight Sleep
Since I can't make it to the Tigers' show - being on the other side of the state and all - I am going to try and take it real easy this weekend. I have been a neglectful blogger this week, as I have been working on a number of label logistics in preparation of our four releases. I have some more label tasks to work on, but I also hope to catch up on the blogs as well. Tonight, I am going to try cooking something really good; I'll let you know how that goes.
The MTV Music Video Awards are this Sunday. I love the MTV Video Music Awards because every year they are met with such anticipation and end up being a huge letdown - kind of like new Oasis albums. Still, we never learn - kind of like new Oasis albums. Regardless there is at least a reason to catch the beginning and the end - Britney Spears will be opening and Kanye West will be closing. Mr. West will also supposedly announce new album details on Sunday.
Bay Area Shows:
9/5 - Ty Segall, BUZZER, Tea Elles, Railcars, Man/Miracle @ Cellspace
More shows at The Bay Bridged

LA Shows:
9/6 Rademacher Record Release Event w/ Le Switch & Light FM @ Pehrspace
9/6 Twilight Sleep, Tigers Can Bite You, The Shimmies, The Delta Mirror @ Spaceland
More shows at Radio Free Silverlake

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That is one awesome poster! I'd put that one on my bedroom wall.