Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Edition #4

OK. So I did not really even have time to compile the "Weekend Edition" yesterday. I spent another great day at Bandwidth and returned home so exhausted that I had a little dinner and promptly went to sleep. Today has been another busy day so far, and looks to continue that way. Tonight I will be at the Lou Lou and the Guitarfish CD release party. I'm keeping it brief today, so here's a quick look at what else is happening.

Bay Area Shows:
7/16 - Lou Lou and the Guitarfish CD Release @ The Complex #5
7/17 - The Bay Bridged Presents: Judgement Day, Geographer (CD Release) and Cotillion @ Cafe Du Nord
More shows at The Bay Bridged.

LA Shows:
7/17 - Amoebapalooza @ King King
More shows at Radio Free Silverlake

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