Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Block: Oasis

Oasis are one of those bands we find ourselves coming back to with each album, even though each album for the last ten years has been a disappointment. Still, few current bands love celebrating their past glory as much as Oasis. This trailer for the band's forthcoming album (Dig Out Your Soul) features footage spanning the band's career, while giving a preview of new single, "Shock of the Lightning."

The band released a "best of" collection called Stop the Clocks in 2006, which weighed heavy on their first two albums and b-sides from that era. The album included no new material, but a new video was released for the classic b-side, "The Masterplan."

While the music of Oasis has never really strayed far from their roots, both Gallagher brothers have contributed to electronic tracks from the likes of Goldie, Chemical Brothers and Death in Vegas. Additionally, Noel contributed an instrumental called "Teotihuacan" to X-Files: Fight the Future in 1998, and in 2004, Ian Brown used the beat for his single, "Keep What You Got."

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