Friday, August 1, 2008

The Confusions - "Thin" (live)

About a month or so back, I was listening to Bagel Radio and a fantastic song came on on that really piqued my interest - "The Pilot" by The Confusions. Doing what I normally do when a new song or band strikes me, I went into serious research mode - I checked the band's MySpace, found out about their label, etc. The Confusions are a six piece from Sweden, who have been releasing records since the early nineties. As it turned out, "The Pilot" was from their 2002 record, Trampoline, yet it's getting a good deal of American radio play right now. The band also has a new record out entitled The Story Behind the Story and you can read my review of that at our record label blog. "Thin" is the latest single from that album and also my personal favorite.

MP3 - "Thin" - The Confusions

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