Thursday, August 7, 2008

Album of the Week: 2 / Darker My Love

With so much music coming out, I find I am usually behind on my listening. This it is very rare that I actually "anticipate" an album's release - I just don't have the time to. Even more rare is anticipating an album from band from whom I've only heard one song by. But such was the case with LA/SF band, Darker My Love. I began hearing single "Two Ways Out" on Indie 103.1 and it really grabbed me. I've already written (possibly multiple times) about my love for this song, referring to it as "shoegaze-y Byrds." Perhaps it also sounds a bit like Teenage Fanclub and The Soundtrack of Our Lives. I still haven't gotten tired of this song, but thankfully their second album, 2 dropped this past Tuesday on Dangerbird Records and I don't have to wait any longer to hear what else is there. This mix of classic styles with a bit of a modern, alternative twist continues on the psychedelic "White Composition," as well as rockers like "Northern Soul" and "Waves." If you grew up on sixties rock like I did then you will probably dig this album, which you can stream the album at the band's MySpace.

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