Monday, July 28, 2008

The Verve - "Love is Noise"

The Verve were a major force in British music in the mid to late nineties, however in America we did not hear much from them beyond the breakthrough hit, "Bittersweet Symphony." (I've since learned there's a greater catalog there to be discovered, and I am particularly fond of "The Drugs Don't Work"). "Inner turmoil" as they say plagued the band for much of their early career, leading to two separate breakups. The second one in 1999 stuck, but last year, the band announced that the original lineup would be reuniting. After a series of high-profile festival gigs, the band released "Love is Noise," the first single from their fortcoming album, Forth.

Forth is due August 25 in Europe, and a day later in the US.

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