Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shows About the Biz: Buzzin

Buzzin is a new MTV reality series centered around Suretone recording artist Shwayze and the individuals who populate his world - his producer/collaborator Cisco, his manager, tour manager, and various label representatives. As the premiere lets us now, Shwayze is highly touted, and a good deal of money and energy is being put toward his success. In the premiere, Shwayze neglects to tell his manager about an important court date that conflicts with a promo tour, leading his tour manager to scramble to find a way for the young singer home. The conflict at the heart of the episode feels a little forced, however there are some interesting points in the series. More interesting than the party habits of Swayze and Cisco is getting to see the people behind the scenes. I always enjoy seeing the work that managers and handlers do, cleaning up messes for their artists at the expense of their own sanity. Hopefully that will remain a focus of this series.

Buzzin airs all the time and streams here.

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