Wednesday, July 23, 2008

As We Settle Into the Apartment by the Lake

I've only lived in Oakland for three weeks, but all at once it feels new and exciting, but also like home. We've been steadily discovering the bevy of delicious food our neighborhood has to offer - my favorite is the health-conscious Mimosa Cafe, where everything feels like a good home-cooked meal. I frequently jog around the lake. We buy fresh fruit at the farmer's market every Saturday. We've also taken in films at both of the fantastic movie theaters in our vicinity.

I've started scouting out concert venues - I went and saw Rykarda Parasol and Candy Apple at the Uptown a couple of weekends back, while I will be checking out a rather exciting bill this Friday at the Starry Plough in Berkeley featuring the New Centuries, Tartufi, Silian Rail, and the Aimless Never Miss.

The unpacking is still taking place and the pictures have yet to be hung, but things are starting to shape up in our apartment.

Also, the coming months will bring lots of news on the label front, and we will be debuting a new blog in a few weeks.

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Allison said...

Your neighbourhood sounds lovely. There is a great Farmer's Market here that I love going to on the weekends. One can never have too much fresh fruit.

Sounds like changes are abounding for you guys, look forward to the new blog!