Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Photos and Recap: Tigers Can Bite You
@ the Knockout 6/25/08

Tigers Can Bite You made their first visit to San Francisco last Wednesday to rock the Knockout with two other great bands - Light FM and Rademacher. It was great to see my latest signing live for the very first time, performing a set that mixed new and old material. I also was able to finally meet drummer Byron and keyboardist Cindy. I met Andrew (bass) at Pehrspace, and Dave (vocals/guitar) and I have been communicating for some time now. Byron was also celebrating a birthday so the band treated all in attendance to some cake. The turnout was pretty solid, especially when you consider this was three out-of-town bands on a Wednesday night - and it was great to have one more outing in the city before my move to Oakland. Most importantly, this show got me really excited to be pushing the new Tigers record - all details will emerge shortly I promise. I shot some video and also snapped some amateur photographs...

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