Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Musical Regrets

I regret that I did not save any of the mix tapes I made. I regret that I didn't save the mix cds I made in college. I regret that I took a bulk of CDs over to Amoeba (that I was embarrassed to own) three years ago to cash them in. I regret that I placed the truly embarrassing rejects in a storage facility of our old apartment where every tenant had access (they went missing). I regret all of this because it has made it increasingly difficult to retrace my own musical history. There is a difference between building a collection that makes you look cool, and one that distinctly shows who you are. Unfortunately I was probably caught up in the former ... used CD racks here I come.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Are you planning to rebuy all the noncool ones? You are a brave and honest man.

Anonymous said...

Oohh and I kept them all...at least a digital copy of them.

I think I still have my mix tapes I made in 6th grade with Depeche Mode and The Cure on them.

I was going through my iTunes and saw Skee-Lo's "I Wish" and literally laughed out loud. I loved that song!!

AaronMayfieldSunshine said...

I totally know this.

Adrian said...

I think a lot of my musical regrets are missing chances to see bands. I thought about seeing Neutral Milk Hotel (well, I thought about seeing Superchunk and NMH was opening) in February 1998. That's probably the biggest. Seeing Sigur Ros in a ~1000 seat (and pretty nice) theater.

Related: I wished I'd gotten involved in college radio earlier.

Will said...

Barbara - I think I will rebuy a small handful when I find them at discount ($1.99 and below) rates. Just for memories sake.

Spencer - I wish I'd been like you and kept them all. I will be sure and digitally back it up.

Aaron - I see we understand each other.

Adrian - well now you're opening a real can of worms. My only live show regret is not seeing Blur on the "Think Tank" tour. I do wish I'd gotten involved in college radio. Maybe I will at some point. I regret not giving much time to learning an instrument. Many many musical regrets.