Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Record Shopping in San Diego

I was in San Diego this past weekend visiting my brother and, as you know, I can't go anywhere without checking out the local record store. Thankfully, my brother is the same way, so we headed over to Lou's Records in Encinitas. Lou's is a pretty cool shop, with everything in two adjacent buildings - one for new and one for used. I poked around the vinyl and was tempted to buy the Gnarls Barkley double-LP, however I soon realized I would have no practical way of bringing it home. I settled on the new Portishead, entitled Third, on CD. (I also bought a Lou's Records button for $0.50 because I like buttons). My brother picked up three albums I've been dying to hear - the Last Shadow Puppets, Islands' Arm's Way, and No Age's Nouns. I was able to listen to all but the No Age on my train ride to Lose Angeles, and everything sounded fabulous.
MP3 - "Eraser" - No Age


Barbara Bruederlin said...

How did I miss that store? Why was I not briefed about its existence?

You made a good cd choice. Third is pretty dark and broody, but lovely.

Allison said...

How are you enjoying Third? I've been quite taken by it.