Wednesday, May 28, 2008


While I was in Los Angeles this past Sunday, I went to Pehrspace in Echo Park. Their website says, "Finding us the first time may be difficult," and this is true of the small art space/venue that is clustered around some other shops inside a parking lot. We ended up walking around the block and hopping a fence.

I was pretty floored by the kind of community being fostered at Pehrspace. Art hung on the walls, the show was all ages, and no alcohol was being sold (folks did bring their own cans, though). The place was pretty packed, and it was a very supportive crowd that seemed to be made up of fellow musicians and artists - further adding to the community atmosphere. Not to be all "grass is greener," but I just really have not felt that kind of atmosphere in any show in San Francisco. It really reminded me of being in college.

Dave from Tigers Can Bite You showed up, introducing me to the band's bass player, Andrew, as well as Josiah from Last FM, who will be sharing an SF bill with Tigers in June. I also said hi to Malcolm from Rademacher and Sarah from the Happy Hollows, both of whom would be playing solo.

Malcolm kicked things off, playing a short, but entertaining, acoustic set, that included covers of Paul Simon's "Graceland" (for which he - endearingly - needed a little help with the words) and David Dondero's "The Real Tina Turner."

The solo acts bookended two full-band performances from LA's One Trick Pony and North Carolina's Physics of Meaning. Both bands showcased violins and a pleasant, unique sound. Meaning's leader Daniel Hart was especially kicking ass on the violin.

Last up was Sarah Negahdari, playing her solo work, yet backed by her two Happy Hollows' bandmates. "Tonight, we're the Sad Solids," she joked. The songs differed a great deal from the aggressive rock of the Hollows, playing more on the side of folky and intimate. They were still nothing short of amazing and what you might expect from such a talented performer and songwriter.

It was a long night but certainly one of the best experiences I've had in a long time. My friend drove us back to his place and I crashed on the couch.

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