Monday, December 17, 2007

Jay-Z on 360 Deals

In a recent interview with Billboard, Jay-Z gave his take on 360 deals:
I believe that 360 becomes a bad deal unless you're doing artist development. Being an artist, I'm an artist-friendly executive as well. You can't take someone's rights, profess to be an expert in that field and then not do anything for it. If you're sharing and partnering with an artist, you better build an artist. Or the record company is going to lose out. You could make a 360 deal with an artist and maybe you don't have that artist two years from now. We can't -- as record executives -- expect to take someone's rights and not add value. If we're adding value, it's a partnership. If we're not, then we're just trying to find another way to make up for the money being lost on the Internet. And that's not cool.
For a breakdown of how 360 deals work, check out "The New Deal: Band as Brand," recently published in the New York Times.

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