Sunday, December 9, 2007

From Dengue to Tori

I admit that I've been just a little late to getting into the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving snuck up on me, and I certainly do not feel ready for Christmas, despite the fact that I've already been to two Christmas parties. Nonetheless, the tree is up (and nicely decorated), I'm buzzed off a Starbuck's Peppermint mocha, and I just did my annual Christmas mix CD post over at my oft-neglected other blog. On the record company front, I've been trying to set up some things for next year's South by Southwest, while also making some changes to the website and starting work on the next video podcast episode.

The Friday before last (11/30), I went with a friend to see Dengue Fever over at the Yerba Buena Center for the arts, where I also got to chat a bit with my friend Josh from It's Alive Media (the band's management company). The band was tight and in fine form as always, debuting a number of new songs from their forthcoming January release - I'm quite excited. In addition to Dengue Fever, the event marked the San Francisco opening of "The Missing Peace," an exhibit featuring nearly 100 works inspired in one way or another by the Dalai Lama. The exhibit runs in San Francisco until March 16, 2008 - click here for more information.

On Wednesday, I went with half of the Passionistas to an Owl Mag party, co-sponsored by our friends over at Sonic Living. After coming through the door I was escorted to an upstairs VIP area, where virtually the entire crowd was clamoring for the free drink being brewed up at the bar. Crowd notwithstanding, it was fun to be up in VIP. Downstairs, the DJ - who I think was Ted from Bagel Radio - was spinning what you might expect for an indie rock business affair such as this. Lady Sovereign, Peter Bjorn and John and Moving Units were among the sounds I heard coming through the speakers.

The following morning, I took off for a little day trip to visit a friend in LA. Mostly we poked around shops in Silverlake. I was quite surprised how easy the whole deal was - aside from the fact that I had to run to the gate to narrowly catch my plane that morning. I flew out at 7:15 that night, and I think I may make a few day trips that way in the coming months.

Last night, Hillary took me out to see Tori Amos, whom she's seen a number of times since childhood, but who I've never caught on the live circuit. It's been a long time since I've gotten the opportunity to witness an artist who really inspires religious devotion to millions of people so that made for an interesting cultural study. Hillary was a tad bit disappointed in the song selection - possibly influenced by the concert DVD they were shooting - but it was neat to hear some songs I recalled hearing on my mom's Little Earthquakes tape over ten years ago. Also, the Paramount in Oakland is a lovely venue. I cannot say much for opener Yoav - he seemed like a decent fellow, if a tad pretentious.

The Passionistas are in Santa Cruz tonight for what looks to be their final show of the year. With much on the table, it looks as though we'll probably have some big news to report in the coming weeks.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I noticed in today's newspaper that there is some upcoming gala here entitled Passionista 2008. Should you be suing?