Monday, December 10, 2007

Dolly Parton Launches Label

I'm pretty convinced that if you do not like Dolly Parton, then you lack a soul. Parton is joining a long list of industry veterans who have given up on the major label system, as her new record - Backwoods Barbie - will see release on her own label. Of the decision, she says, "I put it on my own label because many of the majors really didn’t want me, as I mentioned, because of age thinking I was over.
But I felt different about that. I figured the major labels are pretty much a thing of the past anyway, kind of like they thought I was. The way music is being played today, why not make all the money, if there’s any money to be made. I’d rather have all of something than some of nothing. So I hired Danny Nozell to help manage me and all the things concerning me with all the new ideas. And with his knowledge of the new age and the team that he’s put together, I just didn’t see how I could miss. I might, of course; but he has assembled a great team and has a great marketing plan. And I’m having a great old time in this new day and age, so why not give it a whirl. I’ll never stop. I’ll never end until they lay me down, and then I’ll go down kicking and screaming and trying to sing and write a song.
You can read the complete interview here.

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Hillary said...

Yay! We love Dolly. Check out her new video w/ Amy Sedaris. This song was too cheesy for me on my first listen, but then it grew on me.