Monday, November 26, 2007

Label Update

Last Monday, the Passionistas headlined a free "Locals Only Night" at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco. I hopped between camera duties by the sound guy and the merch table. A number of friends were there, as well as some "industry" acquaintances, so it was fun to talk business for much of the evening. It would appear the band has settled into a comfortable and upbeat setlist, though there is a song or two I might like to see return. Still somewhat new drummer Tina Liao seems to be fitting in perfectly and her presence tends to be one of the first things audience members note when I ask them their thoughts of the show.

The Passionistas have also been getting outside of San Francisco recently, playing a house party in San Jose, and a dance club night in Sacramento.

Last Wednesday (on Thanksgiving eve), Aaron and I ventured over to the Knockout for one of Rademacher's residency shows. It was a late evening, but we got to meet some new people and chat it up with friends, so it was a pretty productive night as far as I'm concerned. Undoubtedly, my advice to any aspiring record company president is to get out and network as much as possible. Soon, it will simply spiral - you bump into people you know who introduce you to more people, and that, frankly, is how a lot of deals get done. I should mention that Rademacher sounded great - the best of the three times I've seen them thus far.

As for the holiday weekend - when I wasn't spending time with family, I was trying to take care of the little things. I sent out some emails to bloggers, organized my office, and continued building on to the 2008 marketing strategy. I've been thinking about 2008 quite a bit, and my plan is to go in as focused and prepared as possible. I've set some very specific goals, and have a plan evolving to make them happen.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good to hear the new lineup is meshing well.