Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Canadians Don't Blame File Sharing

The increase in file sharing coinciding with the drop in CD sales is, well, a mere coincidence. Or so says a report from a Canadian government study. The study reads, "[I]n our analysis of the whole Canadian population we are unable to find any relationship between the number of P2P music tracks that were downloaded and the number CD purchases." Robert Thompson writes in Billboard,

While many pundits have blamed alternative entertainment sources - from DVDs, to movies to cell phones - as limiting the amount consumers spend on music, the report found exactly the opposite. Those that spend more money on entertainment also typically buy a greater number of music CDs, the study found.

The study, which appears to have been submitted in May, queried 2,100 Canadians 15 years and older, of which 1,005 respondents who declared that they were peer to-peer downloaders and 1,095 that declared not to have engaged in the activity.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

While I have to argue with the authors of the study that 2,100 respondents does not constitute "the whole Canadian population", I certainly believe that most downloaders also buy lots of music.

Interesting find.

Allison said...

I'd have to agree with Barb. As much as I get music for free, I still buy quite a bit and that hasn't changed with all the new technology.