Saturday, February 10, 2007

Young Love Wants 2 B Your Guilty Pleasure

We are living in the post-Timberlake era. That is to say, thanks to Justin (and his partner in crime, Mr. Timbaland) embracing pop music is not only acceptable, but the really, really cool thing to do. The fact that last year's FutureSex/LoveSounds managed to bridge the gap between the art house and the stadium may have been accidental, but this doesn't mean record companies haven't taken notice. Hipster R&B may very well have a place in the music world - beyond Beck's pseudo ironic jams. Enter Young Love, with a debut - Too Young to Fight It - out on Island Records. Too serious to be Beck or Har Mar Superstar, but with a slight hipster edge to suggest he does much of his shopping at Urban Outfitters. Too Young is never guilt free, kicking off with "Discotech," a dance number that borrows both from 80's jock jams and hard rock. Elsewhere, he carefully toes a line that sway both in the direction of boy bands and emo. Single "Find a New Way" has a catchy beat, while also sounding a bit like a Fall Out Boy dance remix. "Tell Me" is my personal favorite - with Babyface-like acoustic guitar beats and Backstreet Boy harmonies. Whether Too Young will seem like a gimmick or actually win over indie rock types is yet to be seen. Nonetheless Dan Keys has created a set of pop songs that are interesting, if somewhat meaningless.

"Find a New Way"

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Allison said...

I remember hearing various songs from him in the summer and liking them, even if they are, as you say 'interesting, if somewhat meaningless.'