Friday, February 2, 2007

Rough Week For SF, The Shins Hit #2 and I Feel Guilty (Not About That Though)

Doesn't he just look guilty and ashamed. More on that later. Personally, I feel so guilty when I miss even a day here on the blog. It's certainly not writer's block keeping me away, just a number of business-related things. I've had so much I've wanted to write about - that new Of Montreal album, Lily Allen's Alright, Still finally being available in the States, how ridiculously awesome Battlestar Galactica is. All in time, though. In pretty rad news, the Shins' new record Wincing the Night Away debuted at number two this week on the Bilboard charts, sandwiched between Pretty Ricky's Late Night Special and American Idol "rocker," Daughtry. It also ranks number one in digital sales for the week. Check out the video for "Phantom Limb" ...

Continuing on, it's looking to be a pretty rough week here in San Francisco - the beloved, yet frequently critiqued, mayor (pictured above looking hella guilty) is all caught up in a scandal of the sexual variety, while troubled (yet probably still beloved) baseball star Barry Bonds cannot get his contract with the team worked out.


Anonymous said...

I swear I wrote a comment here earlier. Oh well, me and blogger aren't on the best of terms today.

Shins debuted at number two? Well done them.

I can relate to the having lots to blog about, but not enough time. Seems to be that way for most these days.

Anonymous said...

Lily Allen's finally made it across the pond? About bloody time!