Monday, February 26, 2007

Noise Pop Week in SF

This week, San Francisco hosts its annual Noise Pop festival - featuring a series of shows at venues all across the city. I imagine this is kind of like our version of South by Southwest, although you'd probably have to utilize the services of public transportation if you wanted to venue hop at all. Anyhow, Sebadoh, Tapes N Tapes, the Ponys, Gris Gris, Ted Leo, Howlin Rain, Jolie Holland and Cake are among the performers - details here - yet I actually won't be making it out to any of those shows. That doesn't mean my Noise Pop plans are completely nonexistent, though I'm a little sad my plan to hit up opening night with David Cross and Tapes 'n Tapes was a bust.

For those in the San Francisco area, on Wednesday I will be attending the first "Happy Hour" event at Thee Parkside. The event is free and Peloton and the Otherside will be performaing. That evening, I will head over to Annie's Social Club for The Cock-T's first annual Cox Remedial High Talent Show - a non-Noise Pop event but one that still promises to be fun, I'm sure. On Thursday, I'll be at Thee Parkside once more for early performances Loquat and Dodo Bird. Friday I rest, and then Saturday I just might head over to the Noise Pop Expo at the Swedish American Hall, which goes from 1-6. Both Happy Hour events are 5-8.


Allison said...

Geez, I got tired just reading all that. Sounds like a good time, hope you have fun!

I'll be shooting for my production class, the next three weeks. I'll gladly trade places!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha Allison stole my comment about how exhausting your week sounds! Exhausting but fun.

That's a huge long list of performers, some of whom I wouldn't at all mind seeing.