Saturday, February 17, 2007

Guest Review: N&UR Presents

While I battle this cold and collect my thoughts from Thursday's awesome N&UR Presents... concert, here's a review from our friend (and fellow blogger), Ben Mirov...

New and Used Records put on its first rock show at 12 Galaxies this Thursday and I was lucky enough to be there. I can’t think of a better venue than the Galaxies to have hosted the eclectic bill. It was rad to hear the straight ahead, down and dirty Lou Lou and the Guitarfish, Brian Glaze’s country-tinged folk rock, the stripped down punk-at-heart Passionistas, and the rock-a-billy intensity of the Rock N Roll Adventure kids all under one roof in the heart of the Mission. Joined by various members of the Gris Gris, Brian Glaze played an awesome set. Though he hasn’t played “O My God, God,” my favorite track on his new album Let’s Go to the Sea, the last two times I’ve seen him, his shows consistently knock me out. The night also marked my first Rock N Roll Adventure Kids experience. I don’t really know what an Adventure Kid does, but I’m pretty sure it’s awesome and it involves dancing and I want to sign up. The real surprises were the opening bands. While comparably younger acts, Lou Lou and the Guitarfish and the Passionistas held their own against the other seasoned musicians on the bill. Two high points of the night were “Hit Me,” by the Guitar Fish and “Going Gay,” by the Passionistas. I hope both of these bands stick together because it will mean good things for the next-generation Bay Area scene. Now, my only question is, when’s the next New and used Show going down?

Thanks, Ben! And also, many thanks to our friend Krissy at SFist for the shout-out on Thursday, and to the Bay Bridged for the mention on their last local mix.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I sounds as though the show was a resounding success. And you got some fine press on it as well. Good job!