Sunday, February 18, 2007

Concert Recollections: N&UR Presents

Last Thursday, we hosted our first-ever live show at SF's 12 Galaxies, and I think it was rather successful. Kicking off roughly around 9:15 with Lou Lou and the Guitarfish, it would be inching towards 1:00AM by the time Rock N Roll Adventure Kids' set ended. Though it was a tad exhausting, the night was nonetheless memorable. Surrounded by a crowd that included old friends, stars of previous video podcast features, local podcasters and bloggers, and some new friends as well, I felt right at home.

The night was young when Lou Lou and the Guitarfish got things off to a rousing start. The band members may still be in high school, but they play with both a level of skill and professionalism you would expect to find in more seasoned musicians. Frontwoman Lou Lou has a rather magnetic stage presence, while the band behind her command their posts as well. The band spent last weekend in the studio working on a debut record due out on Birdman. I cannot wait to hear that.

Dear N&UR friends the Passionistas were up next. Declaring that we were living in the Passionistas Universe, the four-piece held the interest of the crowd with their confident, "art" (?) rock, blazing through a hits-laden set that closed out with the irresistibly catchy "Going Gay." After the set free copies of a new Passionistas single - featuring "Going Gay," "The Socialists" and "Pushin Freestyle" were handed out to the crowd. The former two songs are available for download at the band's MySpace page. It seems that each time I see the Passionistas, there is something different about their set. This also marked the first occasion in which I did not watch the band through the lens of my camera, and I must say, I rather enjoyed it.

Psychedelic folkie Brian Glaze had a recurring cast of band members that included Gris Gris frontman Greg Ashley (who also produces for Glaze). The one-time Brian Jonestown Massacre drummer played selections from 2005's Let's Go to the Sea and his forthcoming new record. This was my second Brian Glaze experience and I never cease to be impressed with his talent. Afterwards, I chatted a bit with Glaze outside, who told me he liked the "ecclectic" nature of the show, noting that a member of American Music Club was also in attendance. I was sure to get a copy of the Passionistas' God's Boat into his hands.

Our headliners Rock N Roll Adventure Kids hit the stage last, with much of the crowd hanging around. The band had been receiving some good press in the days leading up to which, and for good reason. The three-piece plays a fast, punk-ed out style rockabilly, with absolute precision. The band stayed tight, always remaining exciting. With the frontman's necktie, leather jacket, tight jeans fashion, I was reminded a bit of the fashionable Hives. RNR Kids have that same ability to contain a rather raw sound in an accessible framework. Their punk rock attitude reminded me more of Hives' touring mates, the Reigning Sound. Though they have yet to receive national attention, I think it's only a matter of time before the band is kicking audience ass around the country.


Allison said...

Sounds like a very successful night and a great way to start off a new chapter! Glad there were no hiccups.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It sounds as though it was a pretty amazing show. Glad it all went so well - you put a lot of work into making it happen.