Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Time Fly's Out Today

The Time Fly's - Oakland's purveyors of stripped-down, no frills rock and roll - release their new (and second) record, Rebels of Babylon, today on Birdman. Aside from being quite possibly the Bay's most stylish band, they prove to be rather exceptional at capturing the very essence and excitement of late sixties/seventies garage rock. Kicking off with the rollicking "Reality is a Rock Band," the record flows through a series of rough jams, most of them about the group's rock and roll lifestyle. "Shark Song" is an absolute high point - "Sometimes I wish that I was a shark .... In the ocean, I'd have no friends, all there is is food." Plus, how fucking rad is that cover? You can purchase Babylon at the Birdman store. We also have "Zodiac Killer's Son" available for your downloading pleasure. The band also has some shows coming up, so check them out...

03/07 The Hemlock w/ Apache - San Francisco, CA
03/08 TBA - San Diego, CA
03/09 The Echo - Los Angeles, CA
03/10 The Vaudeville Cabaret w/ The Birthday Suits - Tucson AZ
03/11 The Launchpad w/ The Ashes - Albuquerque NM
03/12 Ciudad Juarez Mexico @ The Line Bar w/ Apache
03/14 SXSW Birdman Records Showcase - Austin, TX
03/20 The Scene w/ The Electric Shadows - Glendale CA
03/21 Stork Club w/ Electric Shadows - Oakland CA
03/23 Dante's w/ Electric Shadows - Portland OR @
03/24 Comet Tavern w/ Electric Shadows - Seattle WA


Allison said...

That cover is pretty awesome, its rare you see interesting cover art these days. I liked "Zodiac Killer's Son", different, but good.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Having trouble playing this song. I may need to upgrade my whatsit or something.