Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mixtape Industry Already Changing

Yesterday, we reported on the RIAA's recent crackdown on hip hop's mixtape industry. Just two days after DJ Drama was taken into custody, the underground market has already seen changes. Case in point - popular mixtape destination, Mixunit (which last year was named one of the best music websites by Entertainment Weekly), is no longer emphasizing mixtape sales on its website. Rappers and DJs are already talking about the changing the way they've been doing it.

Brad Buckles, executive vice president of the RIAA's Anti-Piracy Division in Washington, D.C., tells MTV, "We don't consider this being against mixtapes as some sort of class of product. We enforce our rights civilly or work with police against those who violate state law. Whether it's a mixtape or a compilation or whatever it's called, it doesn't really matter: If it's a product that's violating the law, it becomes a target."

For more information on this story, check out MTV's latest report, as well as their 2003 feature on mixtapes.

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