Friday, January 5, 2007

If You Have That Kind of Time

Pitchfork is reporting today that Grizzly Bear's Yellow House - a favorite it seems among MP3 bloggers and Pitchfork critics - syncs up pretty darn well with art house classic, City of Lost Children. The "discovery" was made by album/movie sync website 12 Computers - who recently found a link between Thom Yorke's The Eraser and Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove. "All the syncs I feature I strongly believe were done on purpose," the site states. "The little clues that are littered throughout some of the albums featured are at times too obvious to ignore. Wether you believe this is all in my head or you think I'm actually on to something, is not the point. All I want is to share with others the true beauty of a well done movie snyc, especially if it's an obscure snyc you've never done or heard of before."

From 12 Computers, you can find a link to The Radiohead Movie Synchronization Story, which has found a potential match for every Radiohead album except Pablo Honey. Such connections include OK Computer and 12 Monkeys, Kid A and The Matrix, and Hail to the Thief and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Incidentally, the site has also found that the Beatles' Love syncs up with Herbie: Fully Loaded. An annoying project, or a revelation regarding where Thom Yorke draws his inspiration from?

If you choose to experiment with one of these this weekend, do let us know. Meanwhile, here's a couple Grizzly Bear remix MP3's for you from 2005's Horn Of Plenty (The Remixes) (iTunes).

"A Good Place (Soft Pink Truth's Blow by Blow Remix)"
"Eavesdropping (Simon Bookish Remix)"

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Wow, some people sure do have a lot of time on their hands, don't they? You have to love people who never go outside!